Ares was born in 2004 by coincidence. During that year Ares Invest - a Scorta’s family trade company - was in the process of re-selling a large parquet wood flooring factory.
Ares Invest’s partner Alessandro, a creative and eclectic mind, while Inspecting the building discovered the unique beauty of wood in all its shades and colours.
He then decided to undertake a new professional and business adventure investing all his energy in the creation of unique parquet wood floorings.



Ares Parquet stands for the best made in Italy.
The Italian market, being strictly regulated in terms of quality guarantees the finest products from the very beginning.
The company has committed itself to satisfy any of its customers’ request by certifying and guaranteeing every square meter of parquet it produces.
The hardness of Italian wood flooring meets impermeability, brushing and hand planing to create a unique and distinctive product.
Varnishing is made with specialised equipment according to the costumer needs. The exclusivity of the product is also guaranteed by the close collaboration with our fine wood Italian suppliers.